Why are you no longer sending emails to work email addresses?

This is a necessary change for all members using our platform, due to a number of employment domains not receiving our emails. From Thursday 31st August, we will no longer use work emails for tickets, booking confirmations, account updates or marketing. This is to prevent important emails and marketing being missed.

We will be refreshing our database on Friday 1st September, removing all employment email addresses from our mailing lists. To make sure you still hear from us after this date, please update your contact email before using our site.

If you have any tickets already booked, please look out for emails to both your login email and your personal email until this change has taken effect.

If your work email is currently on our mailing list, be sure to change it on or before 31st August, or you will stop receiving emails from us and will miss out on some great tickets!

Update personal email (NHS): https://nhs.ticketsforgood.co.uk/u/settings

Update Personal email (Charities): https://charities.ticketsforgood.co.uk/u/settings